Summer Exhibition 2014 Press Release

Summer Exhibition 2014 Press Release


Erik Foss · Hein Koh · Scooter LaForge · Amos Mac

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 16 from 7-9 pm
On view from July 16 thru August 10, 2014




Munch Gallery is proud to show new work by four New York based artists. Represented artist, Scooter LaForge, has created large mixed media work on paper, and a triptych on canvas titled Designer Imposters after Willem de Kooning’s Woman series.  Hein Koh is showing her sculptural work for the first time at our gallery - entangled with luster, plaster, pain and pleasure.  And we are happy to welcome back Erik Foss with a selection of abstract paintings, strangely obssessive and instant in nature, and a confident, square black and white portrait series of James Darling, candidly captured by photographer, Amos Mac. Together they seize a heated New York, alluring the viewer by smirched palettes, fat strokes, lustrous tactility and eyes on point. 


>  Amos Mac
Quiet images that represent a time in my life filled with solitude and shifts in my home life, this series shares sixty seconds of one day spent with friend and fellow trans guy James Darling.  James Darling is standing against my dirty wall of the bedroom I just moved into.  James Darling is printed onto squares.  In the physical world, James Darling is the opposite of a square.  He is a groundbreaking transgender porn director and performer.  Born in Georgia and now living in Oakland, James was my roommate for some time while we were both in San Francisco.  He is a shy guy until you bring a camera out or until he gets on a stage.  He transforms.  He is a sharp, filthy minded little brother next door.  Part of this series captures an apprehension within James that is rarely captured by a camera.


>  Erik Foss
This series was the first body of work I have produced after a year break.  The work is a direct reflection of what had occurred the year prior.  A break was well deserved and much needed.  The universe gives and it takes away.  These paintings are about the grieving process of loss.  These paintings are the process of working through my loss.


>  Hein Koh
My sculptures evoke a deep investigation of the psyche, my practice being an ongoing exploration of the visceral.  I’m interested in a sensuality of form derived from the body and nature, expressed through a multiplicity of languages such as fashion, theater and everyday pop.  The fusion and resulting tension of disparate elements excites me, which is also reflected in the diversity of my materials, ranging from pantyhose to plaster.  Sexuality, pain, pleasure and horror are dominant themes in my work, often with a sense of subtle humor that mollifies the intensity and makes it more palatable.  Working in a stream-of-consciousness manner, I use abstraction as a language to articulate the inexpressible, a surreal world of desire, fantasy, memory and nightmare.  


>  Scooter LaForge
In the 1970s and 80s there was a brand of aresol perfumes called Designer Imposters.  As a child, I loved these and was always obsessed with the notion of fakes.  Fast forward to today, I am still obsessed with fakes.  In painting techniques and languages, mostly everything has been done.  Often in the art world we see Designer Imposters.  Andy Warhol was the king of this!  This past year, Damien Hirst did a series of paintings after Francis Bacon.  Richard Prince did a series of paintings after Pablo Picasso.  This newly completed series of works are my versions of Willem de Kooning’s Woman series.  I am calling them Designer Imposters l, ll and lll.