PAPER Press Release

PAPER Press Release




Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 8th from 6-8 pm
January 8 - February 2, 2014


New York, NY – Munch Gallery is pleased to kick off the new year with the group show, ‘PAPER’, curated by Frodo Mikkelsen.

Twenty Danish artists, ten women and ten men, have been challenged with a few, but strict guidelines; create work on paper, in any form, using the color black only. The 20 artists, ranging from emerging to mid-career, have been picked by Mikkelsen to present New York with some of the best contemporary Danish art on paper. The works span from soft curvy ink strokes to the detailed assembling of intricate worlds. From dreamscapes both bizarre and familiar to dancing horses and defaced faces.

Colors can hardly be universally translated into specific feelings or moods – the interpretation is subject to personal experience and cultural conditions. So when we are presented with just the color black, we immediately see the pure shape and form without any distractions. The shape through the contrasting black and white, and the form through the shadows and densities. In this show, we are not guided by color associations, but are led on to direct visual building and interpretation.


The artists
Allan Bestle
Kaspar Bonnén
Rasmus Bregnhøi
Troels Carlsen
Jacob Dahlstrup
Cathrine Raben Davidsen
Christina Hamre
Jan S. Hansen
Ida Kvetny
Anika Lori
Frodo Mikkelsen
Mie Mørkeberg
Dorte Naomi
Julie Nord
Fie Norsker
Lars Nørgård
Michael Rytz
Anne Sofie Sandal
Jakob Tolstrup
Kathrine Ærtebjerg