Original Spin Press Release

Opening of ‘Original Spin’ exhibition at Munch Gallery
Works by William Spangenberg and Marshall Weber
July 1-17 2011
Opening reception friday July 1, 2011, 7-10 pm


Contact: Lillan Munch, 212.228.1600, info@munchgallery.com


New York, NY, June 16, 2011 – Munch Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Original Spin’, featuring sculptural and installation works by William Spangenberg and drawings by Marshall Weber.

William Spangenberg shows 14 pieces inspired by the Stations of the Cross and the later mythic tarot. Set in both bronze and clear colored resin, the sculptures offer variations over common belief, century old mysticism and a reinterpretation of the artist’s own subconscious narrative. Also from Spangenberg, a floor installation of silkscreened acetate imbedded in clear resin.

Marshall Weber presents a selection of his mono-print collage drawings; graphite or wax crayon rubbings. Through the rubbings he picks up impressions from public memorials and monuments, and de-/recomposes text, shapes and images. The artworks challenge the way we define our collective history.

Both artists re-work the perception of classical sculptures and monuments – what we choose to celebrate and honor, and how stories of both personal and public heroes and heroines are passed on from generation to generation.
The exhibition will be up from July 1 - 17, 2011.



William Spangenberg Artist Statement:
This series draws on the figurative bas relief narratives of the stations of the cross infused with the cult science of the tarot. Storyboarded like a comic strip, the work also refers to the iconography in stained glass windows I watched my mother create. The mythology also depicts a biographic reinterpretation of his subconscious memoir. I casts at Beacon Fine Art Foundry in Beacon New York. I works in wax, resin, bronze and paint. This is the first complete showing of the series.
William Spangenberg was born in Passadena, California in 1978. He came to New York in 2003 to study sculpture at the Art Student’s League, and currently lives in Brooklyn.


Marshall Weber Artist Statement:
The drawings in this Summer exhibition are most accurately described as mono-print collage drawings. They are primarily constructed with the technique of rubbing, which involves placing paper on top of a matrix, and rubbing hard wax cakes or graphite sticks over the surface of the paper to pick up an impression from the matrix below.
Printmakers define a matrix as an object with a surface design that is used to make an impression on a piece of paper. They are usually referring to a block of wood or a metal plate with a manufactured image. Feeling my way through the world, climbing the walls, crawling on the sidewalks and roads, I use the entire world as a matrix.

My drawings have also been described as reverse-graffiti because they bring the outside inside by materially documenting natural and architectural surfaces, monuments, and historical plaques. They re-member textures and texts we forgot about, never noticed, walked past or stepped over. The back of each drawing is embedded with micro-samples from every surface touched and the paper is profoundly embossed and de-bossed by every matrix encountered. Anchored in performance art practice, the drawings are initiated outdoors in public spaces often with accompanying dialogs involving bystanders ranging from interested locals and tourists to security guards and law enforcement officials. Each drawing is the evidence and the record of my travels, my exertions, my fascination with history and my desire to fully embrace and comprehend the world.
Marshall Weber works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.