Press Release Opening Night

January 2011

New Contemporary Art Gallery to open at 245 Broome St, New York

Denmark Native and Gallerist , Lillan Munch announced the anticipated opening on January
22nd of Munch Gallery at 245 Broome Street, New York. This renovated contemporary
art gallery will showcase international artists from Europe and the United States. Ms. Munch,
owner of the former Pi Gallery in Copenhagen and seasoned graphic designer, will exhibit
an international collection of profound contemporary work.

Munch has developed an extensive knowledge of vital artist communities during her tenor
as a gallery owner in Copenhagen. With a particular emphasis on the distinctive styles
emerging from Denmarkʼs thriving art community, the cumulative work of her selected artists
depicts the rapidly evolving epicenters of vibrant art movements on two continents through
transformative images.

Munch has scheduled a regional artistʼs opening for Saturday January 22, 2011, combining
efforts with Try State Magazine, the popular, alternative art and photography magazine
and Harder Candy Productions, an entertainment company featuring burlesque

The January 22nd launch party will feature a free “Go-Go-Boy” life drawing class for artists
from 6:00PM-7:30PM, followed by a reception to preview the newest issue of Try State
Magazine. Photographs from the third issue will be exhibited but not for sale, however,
patrons will be able to write on the 16” x 20” photos and express their reactions to the
images, which will then be returned to the artists. Many of the artists featured in Try State will
be in attendance and copies of the magazine will be available for purchase.

Try State Magazine has become the “working bible” for emerging artists and is highly
popular with collectors, gallery owners, museum staff, stylists, decorators and nightlife
celebutantes. Harder Candy Productions is New Yorkʼs newest party-scene planner.
Munchʼs decision to collaborate with these companies shows her dedication to creating a
new and exciting atmosphere / venue to the lower east side of Manhattan.

The opening will also expose some of Munchʼs anticipated upcoming shows including
celebrated Danish artist, Morten Schelde, who was recently commissioned to produce a
permanent installation at the Amalienborg Royal Palace. Schelde is known for his
multimedia work which combines physical and imaginary spaces into newly created
narratives that explore the gaps between romance, melancholy, belief and skepticism.

Other artists include, Yves De Brabander, The Belgian founder of Photoaddict, and Claus
Carstensen, a Copenhagen artist and former professor at the Royal Danish Academy of
Fine Arts.