NIGHT Press Release

'NIGHT' Press Release


Opening of ‘NIGHT’ exhibition at Munch Gallery
Neke Carson, Erik Foss, David Hochbaum, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, Anton Perich
March 17 - April 14, 2012
Opening Reception Saturday, March 17, 7-10 pm


Contact: Lillan Munch, 212.228.1600,


New York, NY, March 3, 2012  – Munch Gallery is pleased to present ‘NIGHT’ – a group exhibition featuring five remarkable artists; Neke Carson, Erik Foss, David Hochbaum, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen and Anton Perich. The five artists have stayed connected through years of art collaboration; writing, filmmaking, photographing, painting, performing, etc. – all while pursuing a career as individual artists. ‘New York at night’ was the starting point for the years long correlation, whether it’d be working behind a bar or DJ’ing, or plunging deep into nights of arousal, courage, seduction and obscurity. The title of the exhibition reflects upon the diverse associations that come with the word ‘night’. From being a time of serenity and stillness to excursions and indulgence into the derangement of nightlife.


A special edition NIGHT Magazine single spread will be available in connection with the exhibition.


Neke Carson has a curiousity for glow in the dark objects, and in his most recent photographic works he combines single iconic figures with haunting arrangements of multiple figures. The works are composed of two or three different photographs and hold a strong resemblance to traditional religious panels. In the most original and playful way, Neke leaves it up to the viewer to uncover the relation between superheros, buddhas, ghosts, aliens and the like.

For many years, Erik Foss did not see actual daylight. He was working as a bartender and getting deep into the New York nightlife. The opening of his own bar, Lit Lounge, in 2002 was yet another reason to reverse the day/night cycle. The oil paintings for the ‘Night’ exhibition are inspired by a photo he took from the view out of his bedroom window, one early morning coming home from the bar. Reappropriated nightlife scraps adhered to the canvases, interfere with the stark beauty of the figurative paintings. Opposites merge – and then gracefully wrecked.

When contemplating the works of David Hochbaum, one is faced with a certain tenderness. A tenderness for the subject, for the model and even for the actual media involved. Rich in detail, layered and adventurous – his works challenge the viewer in an ambiguous yet persistent manner. David has chosen to show an arrangement of works called ‘Twilight Bloom’. The arrangement is a combination of sculpture, painting and words. It’s a dedication to all the people he has crossed path with along his journey and it’s a poetic tale of descent and rise.

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen has dug deep into the past to retrieve some of his darkest works. Completed in the weeks leading up to the September 11 attacks, Jacob found himself in an almost manic state of mind – emotionally stressed and frantically painting, making collages and DJing. His works were graphic, sexual and aggressive, and as soon as they were done, he put them away and didn’t look at them until 10 years later. In retrospect, the double penetrations become the two airplanes charging through New York and Jacob becomes the relentless critic and spectator of his own past life.

Anton Perich’s photograms are made from full body-size negatives. The model is lying on a large sheet of photo paper and Anton traces the body with a small flashlight, with brush-like motions. The body becomes a negative image that gives off a full range of alluring shades and transparencies. In the process, dead flowers are mixed in to interact with the shifting movements of the model. Anton has turned the 8 feet wide negatives into 24 inches prints and will be showing a selection from his Andrea Photogram series.


The connection between Anton, Neke, David, Erik and Jacob is as follows: Anton and Neke met in the New York underground art scene in the 70s, where they collaborated on several projects. Anton met Jacob at the Gershwin Hotel, where Jacob curated exhibitions, did events and was Artist-in-Residence. Jacob started to publish his work in NIGHT Magazine. NIGHT Magazine moved its office into the Gershwin Hotel. Neke used the NIGHT Magazine office as his studio and had lunch with Jacob on a daily basis. David met Jacob in the club scene and they worked together at the Limelight, at the time when HR Giger created the VIP room. Jacob curated David’s first solo exhibition at the Gershwin Hotel and David soon thereafter wrote a story in NIGHT Magazine. David and Erik were introduced to each other through HR Giger’s agent and worked together at Odessa Bar and restaurant, where Jacob and Anton often enjoyed kielbasa sausages and other Eastern European foods. Erik co-founded Lit Lounge and Fuse Gallery, Neke became the Artist-in-Residence at the Gershwin Hotel, David got his studio above Lit Lounge, Jacob recorded a scene for his film about September 11th in Fuse Gallery and Anton did a photo and film shoot in the basement of Lit Lounge. Erik, Anton, Neke and David have been exhibiting in Denmark, where Jacob currently lives.