Neke Carson Artist Statement

Neke Carson Statement


The Night

I have been working in the dark for some time now, first with evening events at the Mudd Club and later at the Gershwin Hotel. I once presented a female Female Impersonator at the Mudd, who did an excellent impersonation of Liza Minnelli talking to Judy Garland long distance on the telephone. Also during the same period I started a “New Wave” modeling agency. If you ever saw the movie “Liquid Sky”, you saw the LaRocka models in full force with Anne Carlisle playing both the male and female leads.

The darkness of the New York nightlife was an integral backdrop to the movie. Some of my artwork can only be viewed in the dark, such as the floating “Apparitions.” (Low-tech kinetic sculpture). Recently I began to photograph my friends' closets in the dark with very little light. I just put the camera on the floor and put it on a timer and let the camera look up and take a picture. It is an up skirt or up shirt kind of affair.

In my most recent work I have begun to take pictures of things that glow in the dark. For some reason current culture deems that only a select number of things can actually possess a glowing nature. So far I have found that such things as religious figures, zombies, ghosts, prophylactics, super-heroes, Aliens and certain TV personalities such as Lily Munster are glow worthy. At this point you might say I am out of the closet, but still in the dark and that’s fine with me.