Munch Represents+ Press Release

Munch Represents+ Press Release


Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 10 from 7-9 pm

Exhibition runs from July 10 through August 11, 2013 




MUNCH REPRESENTS+ is an eclectic display of work by the eight artists officially represented by the gallery, along with two guests.


From lurking dreamscapes and uncanny flower fields to detailed black and white cosmographic explorations. From the dense Canadian forest to the decaying wood structures of places once inhabited or perhaps just imagined. It is a repeating practice of kicks and poetry assisted by lashing self-motivational punches.


The gallery is very proud to present a collection of artwork which derives from sheer passion, essence, ambition and distinction.




Matt Bahen (CA): Bahen addresses the themes of loss and how to carry on. The duality of mankind’s nature is examined through thickly painted images of ruined interiors and damaged landscapes. It's a study of light – as a metaphor for hope – where meaning can be found in the space between comfort and disquiet.


Jacob Dahlstrup (DK): An exploration of space, mapping a fraction of the 4% visible matter in the universe through heavy layers of graphite dust. The drawings emerge from darkness into light, and the internal structure of the paper, is rearranged and exposed by the impact of sanding tools, erasers and tattoo needles.


Hong Seon Jang (KR): Jang's installations are made from found, and usually common objects. A re-creation or manipulation of materials into a likeness of natural forms to embody new contexts of physical existence, mimicking the fundamental force of survival and growth.


Scooter LaForge (US): Pop Art partnered with abstract expressionism and Dutch classicism. Seductive as the visual landscape may be, rendered in bold eye-candy colors and rife with sensuous forms of provocative allure, LaForge veers far too close to the grotesque to impersonate our normative notions of beauty.


Frodo Mikkelsen (DK): Western mythology and casual juxtapositions are joined in a graphic expression of dynamic color ranges and gradients on fire. It's a thematic study of man versus nature, and past lives versus new beginnings rendered in acrylic paintings and precious metal sculptures.



Erik Savage (US): A continuation of the Waste Form series, where habit and addiction serve as a culprit to interactions. The brush strokes are loose and the oil paint generously applied to the immaculate white canvas, which in return becomes the beholder of our narrative debris through a collective waste form structure.


Asbjørn Skou (DK): Skou's work is concerned with investigating the peripheral and hidden structures of actual spaces and discourse, and communicating these in attempts to navigate and negotiate their identity. He uses a wide range of media to create artwork which serves as a form of spatial research and communication.


Marshall Weber (US): The artwork explores concepts of audience, cultural memory, linguistics, and social justice. Weber's studio practice (informed by a life-long body of public performance art) is focused on melding unusual visceral materials with intimate, mediatative and gestural hands on constructions.




Yeni Mao (US): Mao is especially interested in oppositions such as authenticity vs. history, physicality vs. fantasy, and archive vs. memory. The work uses a diverse artistic lexicon to explore the cyclical regeneration of history, often with specific historical or mythological references.


Mie Olise (DK): A constructor, painter and filmmaker – Olise works with narratives relating to the architecture of space, abandoned places and desolate structures. She travels to places in different states of disrepair to research, collect stories and later subjectively develop particular layers of the found truths.