Life's ILL Press release

Opening of “Life's ILL” show at Munch Gallery
New works by Kottie Paloma
April 2-15, 2011
Opening reception April 2nd, 6-9 pm

Contact: Lillan Munch, 212.228.1600,


New York, New York, March 15, 2011 – Ass murder, fuck times, mind control, brain bombs, interracial orgies, hunt all night, sleep in the day .... are some of the topics that will be on display at Munch Gallery next month. We are excited to announce the wonderfully bizarre exhibition “Life’s ILL” by Kottie Paloma.

Provocative drawings and paintings, signed cigarettes and glossy books. Kottie Paloma portrays contemporary urban life and picks up on bits and pieces along his way. His works have been displayed in exhibitions throughout the United States, South Korea, and Europe.
This is no ordinary show and it’s only on view for two weeks – April 2nd - 15th.



Artist statement:

Most of my art comes from my life. Real and personal experiences I flip into a narrative. If its not about me; then its about life in general.

Taking from the sour and making it sweet by adding humor to otherwise shitty experiences.

I look at current events and social events for inspiration.

I am inspired by human interactions especially relationships.

I make fancy audio based unique books that focuses on the above statements which serves as my sketchbook.

I make paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs.

I am working on a movie I will never finish.

I pull my text in art from music and from my head and from things I hear people say when I walk by.

The subway in New York is fodder for the stupid shit people say that I can add to my art.