Kottie Paloma Statement

Kottie Paloma

Artist statement:


Most of my art comes from my life. Real and personal experiences I flip into a narrative. If its not about me; then its about life in general. Taking from the sour and making it sweet by adding humor to otherwise shitty experiences.
I look at current events and social events for inspiration.
I am inspired by human interactions especially relationships.
I make fancy audio based unique books that focuses on the above statements which serves as my sketchbook.
I make paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs.
I am working on a movie I will never finish.
I am not friends with too many other artists because they are too special (in a bad way) .
I pull my text in art from music and from my head and from things I hear people say when I walk by. The subway in New York is fodder for the stupid shit people say that I can add to my art