Kottie Paloma CV

Kottie Paloma CV


 American b. Los Angeles, 1974.

Currently lives and works in Brooklyn New York.


 Solo Exhibitions:

2011 “Life's ILL” Munch Gallery, Ny, Ny.

2011 “Flush It” Paroah Maybelline Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2010 “The Darker Side of POP” JAS Gallery, Paris France

2010 “Fragments of a Fictional Reality” Booklyn Artists Alliance, Brooklyn, New York

2008 “New New” Booklyn Artists Alliance, Brooklyn, New York

2008 “Kottie Paloma and The Daily Strangers!”, Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco.Ca.

2007 "Playing With Tigers", New High Gallery, China Town, Los Angeles

2006 "In the Valley of the Sun" Triple base Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 2005 "Strands of the Culture" Low Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 


Group Exhibitions:

2011 “Group Show” Jas Gallery, Paris, France

2011 "Enter", Munch Gallery, New York

2010 “Editions Book Fair” Booklyn Artists Alliance, MOMA PS1

2010 “Lucky Punch” MOHS Exhibit, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 “Nordic Art Fair, MOHS Exhibit, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 “Re: Mollusk” Bongout Gallery, Berlin

2010 “100 Records” False Front gallery, Portland, Oregon

2010 “100 Records Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2010 “100 Records  Okay Mountain Gallery, Austin, Texas

2010 “100 Records” Gallery 16 San Francisco, California

2010 “ARTPARIS+GUESTS” Bongout Gallery Booth, Paris, France

2010 “Paper Awesome” Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions, San Francisco, Ca.

2009 “Subvision”  Hamburg, Germany 

2009  Schöne  neue Welt Bongout Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2008 “Portrait Show” Hallway Bathroom, San Francisco, Ca.

2008 “Value Max” Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA.

2008 “This is not an auction, It’s a Terrarium” Queens Nails annex, San Francisco, Ca.

2008 ”Seoul International Bookarts Fair” Booklyn Artists Alliance

2008 “Panopticon” Bank Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.

2007 "The Dollar Bill Project!” Eleanor Harwood Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

2006 "Past, Present, and Future" Adobe Books, San Francisco, Ca. Rosch.

2006 "Deluge and Deliverance" Trace Studio Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2006 "666"  Blank Space Gallery, Oakland , Ca.

2006 "Labyrinth" On Six Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2005 "My Back Pages" Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, Mass.

2005 "Paper Awesome" Pig Man Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2004 "One Year Anniversary Show" Needles and Pens, San Francisco, Ca.

2004 "Not So Far Away" Adobe Books, San Francisco, Ca.


Film and Video 

2009 “Almost Cut My Meds” Artists Television Access, San Francisco, Ca.

2008 Art Gallery of Hamilton International Film and Video Awards

“6th and Market”-Special mention (Honorarium).

2004-2006 FUNTIME a performance based live talk show, various locations, San Francisco and Oakland California


Public Projects-


The 6th Street Flag Project. Displaying handmade one of a kind art flags by Artists from San Francisco that hang out Kotties studio window on the 6th street side.


306 Flat Files

2006-2009-Hosting works on paper of contemporary artists from all over the United States.


Curatorial Projects

2010 Chief Curator for Booklyn Exhibitions, Brooklyn New York

2009 Conspiracy of the Collectors Edition, BVG HAUSE, Berlin Germany

2007  “Grown-Ups of the Corn” Kottie Paloma’s Studio

2007 "It's A Fine Time To Hang Out At Kottie's "(Second Annual Group Show!) Kottie Paloma's House, San Francisco, Ca.

2006 "Brains! Send More Cops!" Space Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2006 "It's A Fine Time To Hang Out At Kottie's" (Group Show!) Kottie Paloma's House, San Francisco, Ca.

2005 "Dolls" The Record Collector, San Francisco, Ca.

2004 "Erotica" The Record Collector, San Francisco, Ca.

2004-2006 "Fun Time!" ( A Live Talk Show!) Various Locations, San Francisco, Ca.



2010 GinoZoine, Antwerp, Belgium

2007-Flair Magazine-Limited Edition December second to last page, Italian edition.

2007 Instant City-Issue No.5 pages 67 & 94

2007 Downey Bird Art Kingdom-Contemporary West Coast Art

2007 ShotGunReview.Com "Kottie's Second Annual" www.shotgun-review.com/archives/kotties_apartment/kotties_2nd_annual_show.html  Joseph Del Pesco

2007 San Francisco Bay Guardian, March 14th-20th, Vol. 41, No 24. Page 44. Review, "Its A Fine Time to Hang Out At Kottie's - Alexis Georgopoulos

2007 Instant City-Issue No.4 Winter 2007

2006 Art week November 2006 "In the Valley of the Sun"- Tara McDowell

2006 ArtBusiness.com "In The Valley of the Sun" www.artbusiness.com/1open/090806.html Alan Bamburger

2006 San Francisco Examiner "Great Art In The City" Weekend Edition August 5-6, 2006 page 27 Tiffany Martini


Public Collections




Bucknell University


U.C. Berkeley Bancroft Library

Special Acquisitions Bancroft Library


Stanford University

Special Acquisitions Public Library


U.C. Irvine, California

Special Acquisitions Library


University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

Special Acquisitions Library


Boston Athenaeum

Special Acquisitions Library


Bavarian State Library, Germany

Special Acquisitions Library


United States Library of Congress Special Collections


Yale University


University Of Connecticut

Special Acquisitions Library


Private Collections

Paris, France

Zurich, Switzerland

Manhattan, New York

Tokyo, Japan

Brooklyn New York

Los Angeles, CA.

San Francisco, CA

Berlin, Germany

Liege, Belgium

Copenhagen, Denmark