Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen Statement

Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen Statement



New York is a Woman

Two weeks before September 11th, 2001, I was living in a loft on Kent Avenue, in Williamsburg. The loft was overlooking the magnificent Manhattan skyline. The view of the sunsets from the huge rooftop had forever burned the outline of that skyline into my mind. I was in a manic productive and creative period. Painting, making collages, DJ’ing, and enjoying the end of a hot summer that had been very emotionally intense.

The paintings for the NIGHT exhibition at Munch Gallery were done during this period, with large wide brushes, and thin drippy black and white paint on white archival board, typically used for matting photographs. I remember going into a kind of trance, playing loud aggressive music while painting – as if possessed by a dark force.
After they dried, I packed them down into a box and never really showed them to anyone.
Actually, they kind of freaked me out. Where did all that intense energy come from?

Soon thereafter, two airplanes double penetrated the love of my life, New York City.
Looking at the paintings again in the fall of 2011, with a ten year filter of looking at the world post 9/11, the paintings became the two airplanes charging through New York – violently fucking the woman in my life, and I had illustrated this happening. Like a voyeur sitting on a couch in a seedy bedroom looking at two big men taking the woman I love, in both her orifices.

When thinking about work for this exhibition and the concept of NIGHT, these works came to my mind. NIGHT being the opposite of Day. Black being the opposite of White and Darkness being the opposite of Light. We are now in 2012, the year when we as humans are supposed to have shed our shadow and let go of the fear of the past 10 years. I have worked hard to let go of what happened to the love of my life and have tried to step into the light. When looking at this body of work, in this light, it becomes even darker and harder to identify with. I realize, I have changed .... or have I?

The NIGHT state of mind, representing the dark and shadowy sides of the psyche, is often unconscious and suppressed. September 11th was for me, a mind altering experience, and now, ten years removed, I can see how it has changed the way I view New York City, and the world. Back then the city was its own world – an ego driven time with a booming economy, where New Yorkers became a sort of a non-American Alien life form, controlled by the hard pumping energy of the city.

I believe this work was made by one such Alien that was in tune with the energy of the city and what massive penetrations were lurking just around the corner. Now ten years removed, I am ready to show the work that illustrated the city I love, the woman of my dreams, being defiled.