Geraldine Visco Statement

Geraldine Visco Artist Statement


Do you want to know who I am? My favorite word is motherfucker, I have fabulous hair and teeth and love outrageous outfits, my last name ends in a vowel, and I live at Visco Disco on the Upper East Side. I’ve been called “crazy, sexy, cool,” “wild woman,” and “a piece of work.”  All I know is I landed on this earth into an Italian-Irish family in the suburbs of Boston during the 1950s and moved to New York City in 1974 when things were gritty, but there was also an exhilarating sense of glamour and danger in the air—those of us brave enough to move to Manhattan felt like pioneers. I started out as an actor, writer, and fashion designer who earned my keep as a sex worker and switched to a day job at Macy’s and later Columbia University, where I’ve earned three degrees. When I hit fifty or so, after a variety of bad relationships that stalled my progress, I vowed to resume my work in the arts and gave up sleeping and housework. Because I’m diagnosed as ADHD and hypomanic, I have no problem juggling a day job with performing, writing a weekly column for New York Press, and taking hundreds of photographs a week.

For me, photography is important on many levels. It’s documentation of a moment in time, of people and places but I never forget it’s a visual expression. Framing the shot and capturing the essence of my subject is everything. When people call me a photographer, it’s still a novelty since I only began taking photos 6 years ago. Taking pictures is definitely an integral part of my performance art and writing—they’re all linked to express the inner Gerry Visco. I get a big kick out of the fact that here I am in my middle years, suddenly being labeled as an artist and my work is getting a positive reaction. It’s never too late, bitch!