I've Got My Game Plan Working Press Release

Opening of ‘I've Got My Game Plan Working’ exhibition at Munch Gallery
Works by Morten Hemmingsen and Christopher Stribley
August 4 - September 3, 2011
Opening reception thursday August 4, 2011, 7-10 pm


Contact: Lillan Munch, 212.228.1600, info@munchgallery.com


New York, NY, July 19, 2011  – Munch Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ‘I've Got My Game Plan Working’. It is sharp and vibrant and exercises wordplays and irregular shapes. Featuring all new works by Morten Hemmingsen (DK) and Christopher Stribley (AU). Both artists will be present at the opening reception thursday August 4, 7-10 pm.

The artworks of Morten Hemmingsen are composed of trivial statements and clichés combined with his distinct visual style. The merging of the complete with the incomplete, banalities and solemnity, fixed phrases and dynamic wordplay – it’s all about duality – the true statement and the interchanging within. Morten integrates the rhetoric of capitalism and the glorification of the product with his naive and casual line. For instance, the relief ‘I’m only in it for the money’ denotes the blandness of mass production while at the same time pointing back at the artist – ironically apologizing for the reality that he himself represents or participates in.
Morten expresses himself through a variety of media, including ink/pen drawings, plaster/wood reliefs, sculptures and even a little ‘fire play’. Sarcastically, he shuffles the gravity and transitoriness of life and is not shy to do so in a simple unpretentious manner.
Morten lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Christopher Stribley is a New York-based artist, from Perth, Western Australia. Over the years, he has picked up various media to get his sometimes cryptic messages out to the world. Lately, he has introduced screen printing to his list of media and he keeps threatening to learn metal working. This show sees Christopher melting an army of plastic soldiers into a sculpture, making a papier mâché cast of his own chest to cover in roofing nails, and gluing a fleet of tanks together, to turn them into a delightful cake for a 5 year old girl. All this, when he just wanted to do a show about bunnies. And cakes. And guns.
Whatever story he is telling, Christopher aims to do so with wit and colour. The pieces for this show are laden with those qualities, like tasty cakes smothered in butter cream frosting. A treat for the eyes and a message for the soul is what he hopes to deliver with these pieces and he hopes that, whatever you get out of them, it involves enjoyment and enlightenment.
Christopher works and lives in Brooklyn, NY