Opening of “EDITION DANSK” show at Munch Gallery.
Selected printed works by four distinctive Danish artists.
February 25-March 27, 2011
Opening reception February 25, 6-9 pm / poetry reading at 7 pm

Contact: Lillan Munch, 212.228.1600,


New York, New York, February 16, 2011 – Munch Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of “EDITION DANSK”,  a stirring exhibition featuring four distinctive contemporary Danish artists; Claus Carstensen, Frodo Mikkelsen, Morten Schelde, and Knud Odde. This is the first time these artists will show collectively and it will be the Munch Gallery’s second show. On the night of the opening, Michael Alago and Keith Caputo will be giving a special reading from their latest poetry book ‘night blooming jasmine will never smell the same’. The exhibition will be up from February 25 until March 27 and will include lithographs, aquatints, woodcuts and linocuts.

About the artists:

Claus Carstensen has a strong historical/political awareness that confronts and challenges the viewer with the sheer force of strokes, color and composition – and with the often violent, unpleasant and unforgiven subject matters. Claus Carstensen inquires into consciousness, will and pleasure. The exhibiton will, among other things, feature works from his series ‘Pavilion of the Naked’ – which refer to the Cambodian communist movement Khmer Rouge under the leadership of Pol Pot and his attempt to create an agrarian utopia, resulting in the deaths of about a quarter of the country’s population from starvation, overwork and executions. Claus Carstensen taught as a professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1993-2002.

Frodo Mikkelsen comes from a background in graffiti and is still greatly influenced by this culture. He seeks pure expression – graphic expression. In his almost surreal universe of explosive colors and imaginative landscapes, one will detect, when looking deeper into the works, an essential concern/critique of today’s world. Frodo Mikkelsen’s distinctive style has positioned him as one of the acclaimed young emerging Danish artists.

Knud Odde is inspired by heros and heroines, words and tales, past and present. His works often revolve around historical figures and myths – a punk rock icon, a pioneering French poet, a controversial American literary critic ... all from his personal image library. Knud Odde embraces his subjects with affection and a sense of compassion and offers the viewer a poetic language that draws on dreams and devotion.

Morten Schelde is best known for his drawing, painting and photography that combine physical and imaginary spaces from different media into newly created narratives. He depicts his daily surroundings and the transitional crossing into fiction, theory and the unexpected. Morten Schelde was recently commissioned to produce a permanent installation for the Crown Prince of Denmark at the Amalienborg Royal Palace. Munch Gallery will be showing a handpicked selection of his unique red pencil lithographs.


The poetry reading:

Michael Alago – A legend in the music industry since discovering Metallica and signing them to Elektra Records in 1984, Michael Alago has worn a variety of hats over the past three decades: talent scout, producer, photographer, and writer. In addition to working with such iconic artists as Nina Simone, Johnny Rotten, Rob Zombie and Cyndi Lauper, Alago has published a book of male portraits entitled ‘rough gods’ and has exhibited his stark, erotically charged photographs in Europe and the US.

Keith Caputo – With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and The Doors to Arthur Rimbaud and William S. Burroughs, Caputo is equal parts stalwart rocker and literary outlaw. Whether bellowed or whispered, his lyrics are equally disarming for their soul-baring menace, their palpable alienation, their vulnerability, and their grace.