Anton Perich Statement

Anton Perich Statement



A few years ago, in this high resolution digital world, I asked myself how to make the most primitive photograph as an antidote to “better than life” photography. A photograph in which in-focus and out-of-focus are the same. A photograph without the film and without the camera. Of course, I reached deep into my teenage years, when I was greatly inspired by Man Ray. I was fascinated anew and had to make use of his technique again, after so many years.

This work was created in cooperation with my friend Andrea. She was laying on a giant photographic paper in the dark on the floor of my studio. I followed the contours of her body with a small pen-size flashlight. I “painted” her very fast with brush-like motions of the flashlight.

Her body was a large negative. It consisted of different densities and transparencies – I was working with a living, breathing negative. I added some dead flowers in order to interact with the live flesh. I was surprised by the transparency of the body. It had a full range of shades like a perfect negative, not always representing an obstacle to light but sometimes its conduit.

The next step was suggested to me by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, to shrink digitally the life-size body prints into the small size photographs.

The photographic process was reversed, from 8 feet wide negative to 24 inches wide print.