This Thing of Ours Press Release

For Immediate Release


Opening of ‘This Thing of Ours’ exhibition at Munch Gallery
Works by Robert Greco
November 26 - December 22, 2011
Opening reception saturday November 26, 2011, 6-9 pm


New York, NY, November 11, 2011 – Munch Gallery is pleased to present “This Thing of Ours”, a selection of new paintings by artist Robert Greco. Robert works in a variety of media, and is strongly influenced and inspired by his consumption of counter-culture of all kinds. This is the artist’s first solo show with Munch Gallery.


The exhibition consist of abstract paintings that are both poetic and expressive. Greco works with layers, textures, and varying color palets to create dreamlike compositions that inspire introspection and demand interaction. Like the moment a thought becomes a whisper, then a whisper becomes a scream, Greco’s paintings at first glance may appear calm and stoic, but the passionate fervor of the artist’s process quickly shines though. The frenetic brush work and the expressive manipulation of paint on canvas serve as a counter balance to the otherwise peaceful compositions, and highlight the chaotic beauty that confronts us daily in the world. The work speaks on the ever-present dichotomy of existence by embodying the calming beauty of a storm, and the clamor of a blooming flower. The viewer is forced to accept the random nature of inspiration but challenged to find order in the chaos.

A reception will be held for the artist saturday, November 26 from 6:00 to 9:00pm


Artist Statement
Inspiration for my work is found throughout all life’s facets. I am constantly exposed to an ongoing and puzzling array of behaviors. I am a consumer and I thrive on sub-culture and emerging artists. My work is very textural, involving many layers, colors and materials but in the end, I always deconstruct back to the basics. My process is guided by movement, mood and music. It’s a struggle to balance between attention span and completion.

Robert Greco